Kdot x Wallabees Shoe Card and words from Kendrick. Every shoe box card has different words from that featured person.

Black Excellence Shoe Box with TPAB symbolism, but instead of just black and white, we added subtle sunlight to show the beauty in our own black excellence the struggle, the journey and the outcome.

We added Kdots birthday as the year Black Excellence was born. Other figures that have exhibited Black Excellence will have their birth year towards the upper heel cap. The butterfly symbol was added below the upper heel cap.

Side View of the Black excellence shoe (Left) . The word "BLACK" is carefully stitched on the upper and vamp sections of the shoe.
Top view of the Kdot Wallabees. The insole is stitched with Kendrick Lamars signature. The word "EXCELLENCE" is stitched in as well to subtly stand out while still being engrained in the fabric.
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