The Ask
Come up with a way that encourages Gen Z to vote by mail in ballot.
The Challenge
Gen Z is less likely to "show up and vote" as there is way less incentive to visit polls with the safety risk associate with COVID-19. Our Goal is to create an idea that increases the voter turnout rate for Gen Z.
The Insights
"Showing up digitally is now more important than how you show up in-person." In a recent study, Gen Z reported that digital interactions and reputations hold more weight than those that are in person. With over 72% of Gen Z reporting to use at least one social media platform daily, they are now easier than ever to reach online rather than anywhere else.
The Strategy
Use social media to inform, persuade, and engage with them about the importance of the upcoming election. An important part of the strategy was being able to raise awareness that we can then turn into action. Since Gen Z is highly receptive to social media, implementing it in the strategy will be the most effective.
Create a social campaign that will be:
1) A reconfiguration of the mail-in ballot by combining the two online forms into one. One part of the form will be for registered voters, the other one will be for those who are not registered to vote, saving time on the online process.
2) Using the hashtags #4For4 and #MyVoteMatters which will be spread through social media accounts, along with the help of influencers. 30 second spots will be posted on social media encouraging Gen Z to vote. The last part of the campaign will have personalized mail in ballots, in which voters will be able to personalize and design their mail ins on the site. Voters will be able to share their personalized and designed envelops and they will feature the #4For4 and #MyVoteMatters hashtag. 
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