The Ask
Create a program with Dominion Credit Union that will encourage customers to adopt long-term savings habits.
The Goal
Get customers to open checking accounts with Dominion Credit Union.
The Insight
"Saving money comes secondary to spending it."  Many Americans don't prioritize saving money, as saving is only done from leftover money after paying bills or whatever discretionary income is left over. Saving is rarely seen as a necessity until there is a milestone to reach such as college savings or a new car. Many people fail to develop regular savings habits.
The Strategy
Incentivize customers to save by creating an interactive savings matching program. Many banks have savings matching programs, but few offer programs that educate and engage with the public on developing savings habits. The strategy was to create a campaign that would bring awareness to our program and excite others about savings.
To create a campaign called Summer of Savings with the main tagline "Make Savings Exciting." The campaign kicked off on social channels, and was promoted OOH as well. The OOH was executed through billboard and outdoor signage to reach customers in metro areas. The campaign took back to socials to engage with customers about their savings habits. The public was very receptive to this campaign and had very positive feedback for this initiative. 
Digital ads.

Billboard Ads.

Bus signage ads.

Dominion Credit Union Twitter profile.

Dominion Credit Union Facebook profile.

Since there wasn't a big social media presence we created one for Twitter and modified the Facebook page to fit with the #SummerOfSavings campaign. We took the campaign to Dominion's Socials to boost engagement and the effectiveness of the campaign.  We also wanted this to be something that was innovative and interactive with our customers.
On our Twitter channel we asked customers how they save.
Here are their responses.
We also took the campaign to our Facebook platform, announcing the initial launch for #SummerOfSavings there. 
We also asked how our campaign had impacted them.  Here are their responses, along with additional feedback from our customers.
For the last part of this campaign, we received video testimonial from one of our members 
on how this campaign has impacted them!
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