Opening screen for our the Cybertruck Simulation experience.

Users will choose their experience. "Dangerous Durability" will test the vehicles durability, while being presented with dangerous on road obstacles. 

Users in this experience will have the option to choose their difficulty. The level of difficulty will test how the users can control the vehicles capabilities.

This experience of the Cybertruck Simulation will have many obstacles such as rocky objects, different terrains, and even weather. Warning signs will appear when obstacles are close by. The higher level of difficulty in this simulation, the quicker the object will pop up after the warning, leaving you less time to react. Users will be able to test how long they are able to make the Tesla Cybertruck through the Durability experience. ​​​​​​​

The ending screen for the simulation which leads users to the Cybertruck official site where they can learn more about the Truck. This is what will increase curiosity and consideration as well as drive sales.

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