The Ask 
Come up w/ an un-conventional approach to launching the new Tesla Cybertruck. Show both the car's capabilities and that Tesla cares about doing something good for the earth.        
The Challenge 
Tesla has succeeded with past releases without traditional advertising. Some of their previous stunts included sending a car into space and doing an on stage presentation, demonstrating all new features. How can Tesla out-do itself if they've seemingly done it all? Our Goal: create a new experience that increases customer engagement and helps generate more Cybertruck sales.
The Insight
"The future of cars aren't the ones that exist in the sky, but instead exist on the ground and are integrated with our lifestyle." 
Modern cars have evolved from the bare essentials to more advanced technology and can provide everything customers need all in one vehicle. Additionally, the future has shifted into more Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences. New AR/VR technology has been integrated into smartphones as well as cars and is expected to be the next new trend.
The Strategy 
Create a VR/AR experience that shows the capability, sustainability, and durability of the truck. AR/VR experiences are considered to be the future in technology currently. This helped inspire part of the strategy, as Tesla represents the future of technology/cars as well. Although this experience will be virtual, the plan is to still have the brand to feel tangible to customers while capturing the innovative essence of the brand.
Introduce two new, video game simulations to show the sustainability and durability/capability of the Cybertruck. The two simulations are the "Dangerous Durability and Alternate Reality Simulation". Both of the  experiences will be played through a VR/AR kit from Tesla including, a car steering wheel, pedal, and VR headset. The first experience takes the users through a racing-like course with obstacles such as rocks, animals, and other vehicles to test the durability of the truck. The second experience features an alternate reality showing a display of a barren environment with high carbon footprints: hazy skies, acid rain, dying plants, and more. This experience will show the effects driving gas-fueled vehicles has on the Earth.

Opening screen for our the Cybertruck Simulation experience.

Users will choose their experience. "Dangerous Durability" will test the vehicles durability, while being presented with dangerous on road obstacles. 

Users in this experience will have the option to choose their difficulty. The level of difficulty will test how the users can control the vehicles capabilities.

This experience of the Cybertruck Simulation will have many obstacles such as rocky objects, different terrains, and even weather. Warning signs will appear when obstacles are close by. The higher level of difficulty in this simulation, the quicker the object will appear after the warning, leaving you less time to react. Users will be able to test how long they are able to drive the Tesla Cybertruck through the Durability experience. ​​​​​​​

The ending screen for the simulation which leads users to the official Tesla site where they can learn more about the Cybertruck. This is what will increase curiosity, consideration and drive sales.

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