The Ask
Get Joe Biden to take decisive action on climate change in the first 100 days of his presidency. The messaging is directed at Joe Biden, his staffers, and the general public. It'll be coming from the Sunrise Movement.
The Challenge
The problem is that Climate Change isn't ranked high on Biden's to-do-list, as COVID-19 is a top priority. Our Goal: raise awareness to get the Biden administration's attention, so climate change is a top priority.
The Insight
"Climate change action is thought of as just an urgent initiative, but it can also be innovative and informative."   
Climate change initiatives have always had an urgent and "end-of-the earth" type of tone to all it's messaging, as well as it's advertisements. We often don't see innovative advertising that educates and truly resonates with the public.
The Strategy
Transform traditional climate change initiatives into something more innovative and influential. This initiative will be created through the Sunrise Movement, a political organization that advocates for climate change. A part of the transformation will involve media as it's the most common form of advertising. 
Use media to reach the masses and produce a full, interactive online radio show. (WKR Sunset Radio) This radio show is created by the Sunrise Movement and encourages young people to call in voice their opinions about climate change and the effects they may have experienced in their surroundings. We chose online radio has because it would effective in reaching people and it would be an outlet where the audience could stay engaged with the program.
Credits: Lead Strategist + Creative Director: Jonathan Daniel 
Copywriting Lead: Jeriel Allison
Radio Copywriters: Janay CooperIvoree Larkin 

Main Image theme.

Sirius XM promotional material.

Spotify promotional material.
Here's our intro, where we gave the listeners an overview of how our radio show would go.
Next, we did a segment where users could call in and voice their opinion on climate change. Callers weighed in about a variety of things concerning climate, the odd weather changes, increasing sea levels, and the need for more renewable energy sources. 
Lastly, we had all listeners text "keyword" "CHANGE" to 62065. What this does is it gets sent straight to the BIDEN Administration. Doing this will push his Administration to create laws and policies that will improve the state of our environment and our future. 

That message promoted made it's way to the press.
In the end, we creatively shook things up & it's safe to say Biden GOT the message as well.
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