The Ask
Create a campaign that gets millennials interested in the new Tic Tac mixers product. Campaign should  incorporate Tic Tac's tagline "Go Little" in some way.
The Challenge
Millennials aren't buying Tic Tac's, as the product doesn't resonate with them. Our Goal: Improve product and brand engagement with millennials.
The Insight 
"We don't see little change as exciting." But change can come in many different ways, shapes, and sizes. Millennials do not find change exciting in their life unless it's the bigger changes such as a "big" new job, or a "huge" promotion, or perhaps even a "big" purchase such as a house. This mindset often has us overlook the little changes in our life that can still be just as exciting. 
The Strategy
Turn the consumer truth into a tagline, and transform that into an experience. The consumer truth: "Little isn't exciting" presented a problem that can be flipped into a solution-oriented action such as "Make Little Exciting" From there it was easier to brainstorm different ways to create an experience that made little exciting.
The tagline "Make Little Exciting" was used to create a Tic Tac brand activation which was integrated with Coachella for a Day and Night experience (see more below).
Print ad for Tic Tac Mixers.
Tic Tac x Snaptivation Experience. This experience includes a special face-changing interactive filter.

 Promo ad flyer #1 for TIC TAC x Coachella Day Experience.

 Promo ad flyer #2 for TIC TAC x Coachella Night Experience.

*Description and Map layout for TIC TAC tents experience.*
With this unique Tic Tac x Coachella Experience: 
We will spark excitement, we will get them to celebrate, we will make "little change" exciting.
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